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Maximizing Your Ag Legacy for Generations to Come!”

 Cooperative Agreement with the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights.

 Presentations to support the TSFR/CBO ongoing outreach mission to the Limited Resource, Socially-Disadvantaged, Historically-Underserved, Beginning Farmers & Ranchers, Veterans and other minorities in the rural communities of Texas. These workshops will present each attendee with in-depth information to assist them with financial wellness in life and business as it relates to rural landownership, farm and ranch operations; with a strong focus on asset protection and leaving a strong legacy for their future generations.  The presenters will feature certified financial literacy professionals as well as USDA partners; all of which will provide the most effective delivery of services to the workshop participants and attendees.

 “Outreach on Grazing Lands to Enhance Economic Analysis (Cost Benefits) for Conservation Changes”


TSFR/CBO has provided a letter of support for the National Grazing Lands Coalition with a project partnership in conducting outreach/education/demonstration opportunities on how prescribed grazing impacts pasture and range productivity, economics, and conservation.  The cornerstone of the project will be the analysis of the influence of grazing management systems and kind/class of animals on economic performance at the enterprise level.  With this approach, NGLC will work with a large group of producers, located in seven different geographic areas, to assemble economic data that can link improvements in management to economic returns.  

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